Here are a few success stories from our most recent clients.

“My experience working with The Lending Key was so great. They answered all of my questions. They really helped the mortgage go through when it became more difficult with all the papers needed that the bank kept asking for. They got the loan approved just in time as we were in a time crunch. I would highly recommend working with them."


“The Lending Key was truly helpful with our first home purchase and were there at every step. Although it took us a few months to find a home, complete the FHA loan requirements, and close, they walked us through every step. Hasan even responded to our little questions at all hours of the day. The big loan companies will not give you the level of service you will get from The Lending Key!”


“As a single mother with two kids, working full-time, and going to school full-time to be a nurse, I needed a mortgage officer that could work around my schedule as well as help find a way I could purchase a home in a short time frame. Without the help of Hasan Abbas through this whole process I do not believe this could have been achieved. With extreme professionalism Mr. Abbas was honest and very strait forward. What I thought the best quality was that he treated my situation with caution as though I was a family member. Mr. Abbas made sure I was making good choices and being realistic vs. just abusing the fact that I was not educated in this field. I have heard horror stories of people losing their homes because of hidden information not discussed with the purchaser; however, in my case Mr. Abbas broke down every fee to the cent. There were NO surprises at closing or throughout my experience. I will continue to refer anyone that I come across that wants the best of the best to The Lending Key!! Thank you Mr. Hasan Abbas for everything you have done for my kids and I.”


“I was referred to Hasan with The Lending Key by my real estate agent. At that time, I had already been ‘preapproved’ through another lender. My first opportunity to speak with Hasan was comfortable and reassuring. He is very professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. My ‘pre approval’ through the other lender was made much sweeter by Hasan’s team. He and his team worked quickly and effectively to ensure my mortgage worked out best for me. I was contacted regularly and frequently so I knew what was happening all along. I highly recommend this lender. I have had multiple mortgages over the last several years, and by comparison, this deal was a cakewalk. Thanks Hasan and Rob for getting it done, I am pleased!”


“As a Real Estate professional for more than 17 years, I have worked with over 40 mortgage companies. The very essence that makes a loan officer successful in this industry is customer service and communication. Mr. Abbas with The Lending Key has proved to be at top of his industry in regards to providing exceptional customer service.

As a nationally recognized Real Estate company, we have determined that a part of the success in our company can be attributed to service provided by The Lending Key. We look forward to a continued growth and working relationship."


“I purchased my first home in March 2013 and Hasan played an integral role in making it all possible. The realtor I was working with suggested I meet with Hasan to discuss my finances and loan options. My realtor had worked with Hasan several times, so he came highly recommended. From our first meeting in January, to the day I closed on my house in March, Hasan was simply incredible.

I had a lot of questions being a first time buyer and Hasan did such a wonderful job of keeping me informed on what to expect, he was timely with his responses and actions, and most of all, I felt very confident that I was being taken care of. I have recommended to him to many people and would absolute work with him in the future. He was professional, kind, considerate, and very personable.”


“Getting a mortgage on a house was more on the impossible list for me and my family, we contacted many mortgage companies that made it seem like it will never happen. As soon as I spoke to Hasan Abbas, he made told me exactly how it was going to be, “it will be a process but you will be satisfied at the end” and that’s what happened. Like any mortgage a lot of documentation was requested and letters were sent out. Through the whole process I was on the tip of my toes, for such a hectic process Hasan made the whole situation less stressful . We closed on the house in less then 40 days just as he promised. If I were to go through another mortgage again I would definitely work with Hasan again!!!”


“I work at a position where I earn all commission income. I also work for a company that should have been able to finance my mortgage. I only made on offer on the house because I had been at my position a decent amount of time- and the income shouldn’t have been an issue. See, if you only earn commission income- you need to have earned it for 2 years in order to use it as qualifying income for a mortgage. I had earned a very minuscule amount of commission at my previous job, so to most underwriters I did not have a 2 year history. I was frantic. This was my dream house and it wasn’t going to be mine. I called me realtor, frantic for help. Within a day, Hasan had called me to see if he could help. He was fantastic. He kept me informed, was very efficient and did all he could do finance my home. One of the best moments of my life was when Hasan called and said “your closing at 4pm Monday!” Whether your situation is normal or with a few interesting bumps- Hasan will do all he can to make it happen. I would highly recommend you trust him to finance your home as well.”